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Who we are

Experts in agriculture and smart farms design and construction

EAP is a specialized Turnkey Design and Build Agriculture Contracting Company with a proven delivery track record of over 100 successful midsize to large scale agriculture projects both locally and internationally. EAP is the only specialized Agriculture EPC Contractor in GCC (Engineering – Procurement- Construction).

Our Expertise:

  • Turnkey Design and Build of Agriculture Projects.
  • Proven track record of over 100 successful mid – large scale agriculture projects.
  • Well-established recognition across the GCC.
  • Growing footprint across the world with a fast-expanding portfolio.

Enabling Complete Integrated Agricultural Solutions For Smart Farming

Driven by our mandates to:
  • Providing agricultural solutions suitable to local and challenging conditions.
  • Enabling profitable farming.
  • Establishing top-quality facilities and structures to cater to grower requirements.
  • Incorporating innovations and technologies for optimal results.
  • Conceiving and initiating model projects.
  • Local and international cultivation extends to approximately 100,000 hectares across the UAE, Serbia, Morocco, Mauritania, Ethiopia, and Egypt.
About Us

Innovating Agriculture with Smart Farming Solutions


To become a global leader in agriculture development and become the company of choice for our clients by our commitment to customer satisfaction and by constantly building on our strengths in design, construction, testing, commissioning and handling of agriculture construction projects.


To deliver successful projects, enable profitable agriculture and pioneer transformations in farming sector and thereby create value for our customers and sustained return of investment for our shareholders.

What We Do

We are a specialist in agriculture and farm-related construction company

Elite Agro Projects is the construction arm of Elite Agro Holding one of the leading agriculture companies in the UAE with global outreach and presence in 10 Countries internationally.

We offer a complete range of services for agriculture and agribusiness projects varying from the design and build of:

  • Greenhouses
  • Glasshouses
  • Standard  and Retractable Roof Nethouses
  • Nurseries
  • Landscaping
  • Building Construction
  • Open Field Production
  • Agricultural Infrastructure
  • High-tech Irrigation and Hydroponic Systems
  • Post Harvest Infrastructure
    • Precooling Rooms
    • Pack Houses
    • Cold stores



Agriculture Facilities

Our Agricultural Company

High-Performance Precision Farming & Innovations



Agricultural Infrastructures are one of the core expertise of Elite Agro Projects. Our glasshouses offer stronger structural framing...
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Nethouse (Retractable Roof & Standard)

We design and build customised nethouses in all shapes and sizes to meet your exact project requirements, from simple structures to fully automated ...
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Green House

Our fully customised, industry-leading greenhouses feature the latest and most efficient irrigation, electrical and climate control systems...
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Pivot Farms

We have proven experience and expertise in setting up center pivot systems that are tailored to the size of your farm and needs of your crops...
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Post Harvest Facilities

Our post harvest facilities are state-of-the-art combined with latest technologies to ensure that the produce are kept fresh from the moment of harvest until it reaches the market...
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